What is Wedevelopment?

We-development, is the modern approach assisting societies to self-redevelop, reached a major milestone by creating awareness amongst the societies seeking for redevelopment. We-development process works with Development Consultant in perfect harmony with several renowned experts, following a stringent process to assure that requirements of the societies are met during the entire project lifecycle making the entire self-redevelopment process hassle-free and risk mitigated.

In this practice, the society undertakes the onus of developing the building with the Development Consultant as its management partner. From conceptualization to execution and completion, the Development Consultant manages the entire project through a tightly bound risk mitigated system.

Why Wedevelopment is a necessary…

  • Mumbai, rising costs and lack of space make it unfeasible for residents to move out of ageing and often dilapidated housing societies. Not surprisingly, redevelopment has become a central concept.
  • The prime advantage of such a transformation is evident – the usual difference between the old and the new. We assured that, the quality of material to be used in Redevelopment is of good standard; and it need not bother for any major repairs or maintenance next for the few decades.
  • The quality of material to be used in Redevelopment is of good standard; and it need not bother for any major repairs or maintenance next for the few decades.
  • The major benefit it provides to the existing member is to get desired additional area in the same location.
  • Members get New Modern Building and Additional Area with Monetary benefits without spending any money from their own pockets.
  • The advantages of this innovative system brings to the table are professional management, transparency, risk mitigation, and most importantly, structured processes and standards.
  • Due to lack of transparency and reliability in hiring external builders and developers, We-redevelopment is rapidly rising in popularity among many societies in Mumbai.

Why Wedevelopment is a necessary…

  • Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. A home to the most diverse class of people. Population is on an ever-increasing spree. Open land parcels have started decreasing by the minute. Redevelopment has emerged as the most viable option to revamp the city’s skyline.
  • Over the last decade most buildings have crossed the 30-year mark. Societies have started giving a serious thought to redevelopment. But these serious thoughts are still directionless. The prime reason being the uncertainties with the existing models of redevelopment.
  • Developer-led-redevelopment has been considered as the most known solution. But the model has posed a lot of shortcomings. Missing standard approach, lack of transparency, exploitation of benefits and fluctuating assurances were a few of those shortcomings. This model left societies with a bitter taste and lack of trust for the developer community. The other approach, self-redevelopment, although had more benefits for the society, never took off because of the complexities involved and lack of direction.
  • The societies have been in a dilemma for a long time and the trust quotient in Redevelopment has further decreased. With society members becoming increasingly helpless and anxious, the need for a systematic approach and a regulation body mitigating the risks during redevelopment was becoming more and more evident.